Saturday, 15 November 2014

Another Insane Hardware Project - Bally Squawk & Talk Sound Board Redesign - Gordon's Alive

So i've been working on some other sound board recreations alongside the gottlieb sound board that i've been talking about in my other thread.

This is project is to recreate the well known and loved Bally S&T Sound board found in many of Bally's greatest hits from the 80s. The idea is similar to my other hardware projects and is to redesign the board using modern components,and improve and simplify where possible

Here is my first pass at the redesign. I am hoping to get some protos made up and test over christmas. Register your interest with me now :)

I'm not sure on pricing structures yet as I need to identify the likely costs of all the chips and parts, but am aiming for around the £140 mark.

I have some nice ideas on the amp side to, but will get the boards working correctly first. There'll be an option to wire in your own external amp to instead of using the onboard setup to if you fancy more speakers or more volume! Stay tuned.

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