Sunday, 2 November 2014

RFM Saucer Update

I have made some updates to the software (v0.5.0) for the controller board as per the feedback received so far. The saucers now cycle in opposite directions to each other.

» YouTube video

I have also added an option using dip switch 1 to enable or disable colour cycle lamp effects when all other lamps are off. This mean you can have total darkness on hypo beam mode or not. 100% user customable. The dip switches are read as the board boots up and operate for that power up time accordingly.

Regarding the pcbs boards, the order for the first batch is now with the manufacturer and i hope to receive the blanks back in a few weeks so assembly can start. The saucer plastics are still on there way so will update again when i receive them.

Here's a few pics of the prototype boards being assembled and installed into my game.

Here's a quick update video with the boards installed in the game.

As normal, visit my full website over at or contact me directly at to order if you fancy adding this to your game.

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