Monday, 8 September 2014

Shaker Motor Boards go into the wild!

I recently finished a project I was helping some pinheads out with for a new controller board for pinball shakers. The board allows control within modern Stern games with built in software control and also older games where there was no original control.

There is both intensity and sustain adjustment built in to get the perfect shake in your pinball game!

High Voltage at UK Pinball Party

20 Years ago i built a pinball game for part of an A-level art & Design project. I dug it out of storage recently and took it along to the UK pinball Party ( 

The game was based on the Bally Hit Future Spa from 1979 and was all original playfield, cabinet and back glass creations while keeping the original rules and board set.

Was a fun weekend getting it back together and playing it again after such a long time. It was also nice to get such great comments from fellow pinheads. 20 years really went by fast!

See here for some more pics of it when first built.