About myPinballs

myPinballs is the alter-ego for Jim Askey. That's me! I've been a collector/restorer/modder/hacker/experimenter/reinventor with pinball madness since i can remember, which scarily is now over 25 years. I love creating things and have worked on many cool arcade projects which have been both software and hardware driven.

I've created worldwide tournament systems, built my own pinball games, created my own driver and control hardware and worked within the industy with some of the pinballs greatest designers.

I have a degree in Industrial Design from Brunel University where i spent 4 great years and learnt many of the skills that i still use daily.

My passion is to create things from scratch that others will like to and usually with an arcade twist.

Visti my full website at http://mypinballs.co.uk or get in touch directly at jim@mypinballs.co.uk

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